Testimonial : Vidya Jeyam – Hayagriva Mantra

Sri Gurubyo Namaha:

I had been initiated with Vidya Jayam Mantra on Lord Hayagreeva at the age of five by Guruji. Since then I have been regular in chanting the mantra. During the initial stages I used to chant about twenty times on weekdays and a hundred and eight times during the weekends. Later on, I became regular in chanting the mantra a hundred and eight times a day. I realized the value of the mantra when I secured a prize in the Inter school Gita Chanting competition. The mantra improved my concentration and ability. I was able to perform well in studies as well as in extracurricular activities. I was always been in the forefront in most of the activities and had been blessed with outstanding performances, to the level of topping the school in the terminal examination. The mantra has become an integral part of my life which has bestowed me with clarity of thought on all my pursuits and endeavours.

- Venkatakrishnan

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