Sri Chandi descends to Melbourne

January 8, 2012 was indeed a wonderful experience to almost 300 Melbournians who witnessed and participated in the Chandi Homam conducted at the Sai Sansthan, Camberfield. Just a couple of days before the actual date of Chandi Homam Melbourne had been experiencing the usual summer heat. The thermometer had even touched 38 degrees just after the New Year. There was talk of a fire ban which did put us under some stress. But Sri Lakshmiji’s total dedication to the divine Mother brought in rains the night prior to the Homam. This showed to all of us how Total Surrender and Belief in the almighty will ultimately help. The cool atmosphere was the Best gift AMMA had bestowed on us even before the pooja had started.

The preparations for the Homam had been meticulously planned and executed under the guidance of Sri Lakshmiji. The pooja started by 7.00 am and there was already a sizeable group of people enjoying the spiritual environment.Sri Lakshmiji, ably assisted by Pandit Sriraman,Hanumanth,Sankarshana and Manoj, set the ball rolling with the aavahana poojas and Ganapathy puja. The entire event was organized and co-ordinated efficiently by Shuba, Srivatsan,Shanthi and Mohan. It was also of immense pleasure when Sri Lakshmiji took the microphone and gave us all an insight into the greatness and importance of undertaking such a beautiful spiritual exercise. She spoke extensively about the background and also the fruits one could hope to achieve after performing the Homam. Her speech also made it easy for the Bhaktas to understand and follow what was happening on the stage.

The Homa went on with utmost precision. Sri Lakshmiji’s intonation of the entire Devi Mahaatmiyam kept everyone spell bound for almost six hours. She kept up the momentum throughout and the people assembled could feel the vibration.

The entire pooja was performed with the bhaktaas also participating extensively. Sri Lakshmiji encouraged 12 bhaktas to come up on stage and perform the Kumkuma archana for the entire duration of the homam. This unique method of participation helped everyone to enjoy the bliss generated in the temple. Sri Lakshmiji also got a majority in the audience to perform 72 Namaskaarams while the fifth chapter was being read. The highlight of everyone participating was seen during the Vasodhara Homam performed by Sri Lakshmiji when the entire hall with 300 people sang out in unison the MAHISHASURA MARDHINI Stotram.

The homam finished on time and then we had the individual Blessing and Prasad distribution. Sri Lakshmiji was very patient and blessed each and everyone individually. She also distributed the maha prasaadam to everyone individually. This was very much appreciated by all and enjoyed thoroughly. It must be mentioned that all the Bhaktaas also patiently waited for their turn to receive Maha Chandi Prasad from Sri Lakshmiji.Lunch was provided which was relished by one and all.