As part of our Guru Parampara Tradition, under the august presence and blessings of Sri Lakshmiji, Sri Maha Ganapathy Moola Mantra Homam was performed on 30th Aug 2014 as a mark of celebrating Maha Ganesh Chaturthi, at Meenakshi Illam, Tiruvallur, TamilNadu

This homam has got a very unique significance as it marks the commencement of the spiritual calender as mentioned by Sri “Meenakshi Kataksha” Lakshmi Ji, and is constantly performed by her under our trust since over a decade.

 The main object of this conduct of this unique homam offers special prayers to invoke His Blessings on the spiritual calender beginning. Also, this homam being the first offering to Lord Maha Ganapathy is performed seeking His Blessings to avoid all Vignams through out the year.

 Vedic pandits performed the homam with reciting the Maha Ganapathi moola mantra 5000 times with offering of 1008 Modaks.  This was followed by reciting of Sri Sukhta Maha Lakshmi Homam and Maha Poornahuti and Prasadam Distribution.

– Ravi J