The 52nd Maha Chandi Yagnam on account of Aashada Navaratri was conducted in the most traditional and customary way. Even though the event started a bit late the sacred fire (Agni Mathanam) came very quickly indicating her abundant grace. Tha Mahasankalpam was done with all Yajamanas giving due respect to the the fullfilment of their genuine prayers.
Ashada Navaratri is considered to be very special for Gooddess Varahi who is the commander in chief of Ambaal’s army.All the 13 chapters of the Durga Saptashati were chanted along with offering of oblations of Sweet pongal into the Agni. It was followed by Suhasini Puja, Vaduka Puja and Maha Poornahuti. One of the major aspect of our Chandi Yagnams is the annadanam of variety of food items and that too in sufficient quantities so all visitors to the yagnam all fully satisfied.
With Ambaal’s blessings we hope to perform much more Chandi Yagnams for the welfare of the world and more specifically for our devotees.