Raja Mathangi Sahitha Ashta Lakshmi Deepa Puja – Organized by Art of Living at Thiruvallur

Raja Mathangi sahitha Ashta Lakshmi Deepa Puja was performed at Sri Teertheshwarar Shiva Temple at Tiruvallur town on 18th Dec 2011 Sunday evening. The Pooja commenced at 4.30 PM and went on upto 7.00 PM. About 50 devotees assembled at the venue by 3.00 and slowly settled into unison in about an hours time.The pooja was started after a short and crisp introduction by Sri Lakshmiji. There was   many appreciative nods from the devotees present as Lakshmiji set out to explain the significance of the Mahalakshmi deepa pooja.

The sight of about 50 devotees sitting row after row all in clad in colourful traditional attire and with decorated lamps was a pleasing sight creating an impression that all the 50 lamps had already been lit though that was not the case. The entire congregation felt luminous.People were eager and dedicated and time slid by silently and rapidly. The event was well co-ordinated by the devotees and volunteers of Art of Living Foundation of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji, especially Shri.Srinivasan of AOL, Thiruvallur.

All of them took the Puja as Updesha (initiation) repeating every mantra as Lakshmi Ji chanted.There were some male devotees who took the initiation as well . Anyone who is interested can light a lamp and pray to Goddess Maha Lakshmi.

When it was time to perform the  24 namaskaras(prostrations), as a part of the Puja,  Lakshmiji preferred that they rather do it at their respective homes as barely any free space for namaskarams. She also felt it was not safe to do namaskarams in such tight space. Hence, She requested only a few devotees in the last row to do a namaskar at the kodimaram (Flag staff of the temple). But surprisingly all the 50 devotees got up as if on cue instantly and were at the kodimaram ready for the 24 namaskarams. That was when we realized that Mother Goddess Meenakshi’s influence on the congregation was perceptible. It was a wonderful sight to see all  of them perform all the 24 namaskarams.

The entire Puja was performed right in front of  Lord Shiva’s Sanctum sanctorum . The entire group of devotees missed  bringing the yellow sacred Thread ( Mangalya Saradu ) for the puja and were doubly pleased  when the same was distributed by the organisers unexpectedly as they all felt it was a wonderful omen. A great end to their first ever Maha Lakshmi pooja at the shiva temple.

– Swarna

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