Raja Mathangi Sahita Ashta Lakshmi Deepa Puja

Raja Mathangi Sahita Ashta Lakshmi Deepa Puja

Lakshmi Puja is done invoking Mother Goddess Meenakshi and Ashta Lakshmi in a Deepam (Oil Lamp – Vilaku) using appropriate mantras. It is auspicious to do this Pooja on Friday and it has to be done as a regular weekly prarthana. It is also performed during Navarathri,Vara Lakshmi Vrata, Vaibhava Lakshmi Puja and Diwali in various regions of India worshiping Goddess Lakshmi to secure wealth.

His Holiness Shri Mantra Murti Dasan Swami Venkatesa Bhattachar had been personally imparting a uniquely formulated Lakshmi Pooja to many of his devotees for decades. The specialty and the uniqueness of this Pooja is quite evident from the fact that this pooja was revealed by his Guru H.H. Anandathandavapuram RangaSwami Battachar by his divine intuitive powers.

This Pooja titled as Shri Raja Matangi Sahita Ashta Lakshmi Deepa Pooja is an elaborate pooja which was performed in a grand scale by Kings in those days. It was then called Samrajya Lakshmi Pooja. His Holiness Sri Venkatesa Battachar out of his compassion to his devotees simplified this grand pooja, so that all his devotees irrespective of caste, creed or status could perform the pooja and reap the fullest benefits.

The Pooja is performed to invoke the blessings of 8 different aspects of Maha Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu along with Goddess Meenakshi.The 8 forms are

  • Maha Lakshmi
  • Dhanya Lakshmi
  • Dhana Lakshmi
  • Bhagya Lakshmi
  • Santhana Lakshmi
  • Vasya Lakshmi
  • Gaja Lakshmi
  • Vara Lakshmi

Lakshmi Puja at various locations in Australia

 This puja not only propitiates Goddess Lakshmi but also Goddess Raja Mathangi (Meenakshi) thus indicating that the devotees doubly please Lord Vishnu by worshipping the two Goddesses very dear to Him. Goddess Meenakshi is also known as Raja Mathangi. She is the presiding deity of the temple city of Madurai in TamilNadu. She is the consort of Lord Shiva and she is also considered as the sister of Lord Vishnu.

Sri Lakshmiji, senior disciple of H.H Swami Shri Venkatesa Bhattachar Swamigal and current head of the Guru Parampara, following the footsteps of her Guru has been initiating hundreds of devotees with the Lakshmi Pooja all around the world.

Lakshmi Puja at various locations in India

H.H Swami Shri Venkatesa Bhattachar had time and again declared that this pooja, when done with sincerity, devotion and faith, bestows all sowbhagyas like

  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Health and happiness
  • Good matrimonial life and progeny
  • Longevity
  • Knowledge and artistic skills
  • Courage and bravery
  • Victory
  • Ward off evil influences
  • Power of speech and education
  • Get rid of enemies
  • Success in professional life
  • Moksha

It has been divinely ordained that the devotee would sense an overall progress by continuously doing this Puja. This Pooja has to be taken as an Upadesha from Sri Lakshmiji. In Nov 2010, this Lakshmi Puja book was released along with instructions in English at a function in Bangalore.

Lakshmi Puja at Dubai

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