Raja Matangi Sahita Ashta Lakshmi Deepa Puja, Brisbane, Australia

With the presence and blessings of Sri LakshmiJi, Lakshmi puja was performed in Shri
Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, Burbank, Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) on 12th December 2010.

Sri LakshmiJi initiated the puja to various devotees who travelled to the temple from near and far. She has also had several home visits during her stay where she has initiated the puja to more devotees who seek Her blessings.

A devotee mentioned to LakshmiJi after the Pooja was over that “I really lost myself
and realized the Supreme power of the Goddess and could feel Her presence during the performance of the Pooja.”

More and more devotees are keen in taking up the initiation from Sri Lakshmi Ji for
which She has blessed and agreed to meet them for initiation in her busy schedule in

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