Rahu – Ketu Transit Maha Nava Chandi Homam, Thiruvallur, Chennai

Om Shree Matre Namaha

Loka Kshema Yagna Trust
“Meenakshi Illam”
13/14, Om Shakti Nagar,
RajajiPuram Part III, Periakuppam,
Tiruvallur 602001
Email: lkytrust@gmail.com

Invitation for 36th Maha Nava Chandi Yagnam

Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu Lakshmi roopena samstita
namstasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namaha (Durga Saptashati – Chapter 5)

Meaning: Oh! Devi who is the form of wealth, my salutations to you, salutations to you, salutations to you.

The Navagrahas (Nine Planets) have a significant influence over lives and these planets constantly keep transiting from one rashi to another over a period of time. On 2-Dec-12, we are going to witness the transit of Rahu from Vrichika to Thulam and Ketu from Rishaba to Mesha rashi. During such times of transit, pujas and homams are performed to protect us from any malefic effects due to the transit. The devata for planet Rahu being Godess Durga herself, a Maha Nava Chandi Yagnam performed during this period is bound to be immensely beneficial.

For the welfare of devotees, as per the Guru parampara tradition , Sri Maha Nava Chandi Yagnam will be conducted in the divine presence of Sri “Meenakshi Kataksha” Lakshmiji on 2-Dec-2012 (Sunday).

“Meenakshi Illam”
Near Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Hanuman Temple,
13/14, Om Shakti Nagar,
RajajiPuram Part III, Periakuppam,
Thiruvallur – 602001,Tamil Nadu, India

All devotees are invited to take part in this Homam and be bestowed with the kind blessings of Goddess Meenakshi and the Guru parampara.

2-December-2012 (Sunday) Schedule

1:00 PM Anugyai, Punyahavachanam , Maha Ganesh Puja, Maha Sankalpam
1:30 PM Mandapa Pooja & Stamba Pooja, Sri Chandika Parameshvari Kalasa Avahanam and Archana
2:00 PM Agni Mathanam
2:30 PM Sri  Maha Ganapathy Moola Mantra Homam, Navagraha Homam
4:00 PM Chandika Navarna Yantra Puja and Homam
4:30 PM Commencement of the Maha Chandi Yagnam with chanting of Durga Saptashati Mantra
7:45 PM Sri Chandi Navakshari Moola Mantra Homam
8.00 PM Kumari Pooja, Suhvasini Pooja, Vaduka Bhairava & Ashta  Dikbalaka Pooja, Maha Yogini Pooja
8:30 PM MahaPurnahuti and Vasodhara Homam
8:45 PM Maha Mangala Aarthi and Kalasa Abhishekam to Sri Ambaal
9:00 PM Maha Prasadam distribution & special Annadanam

Details of the above are available at

Maha Nava Chandi Yagnam

Sponsor the complete Chandi Yagna: Rs.2,00,000
Maha Sankalpam: Rs.27,000
Sankalpam: Rs.500
Sponsor the Vaidik Pandits sambhavana : Rs. 25,000
Sponsor the Ghee for Homam Rs.12,000
Sponsor the Naivedyam : Rs.10,000
Sponsor the Vastrams(clothes) including Poornahuti Sari : Rs.20,000
Sponsor the complete annadanam: Rs.10,000
Sponsor the Mandapa Decoration: Rs. 10,000
Sponsor the flowers and garlands: Rs. 10,000
Sponsor the Mangala Vadhyam (Nadaswaram Music): Rs.5,000
Sponsor the fruits : Rs. 5,000
Sponsor the Maha Ganesh Homam: Rs.5,000
Sponsor the Navagraha Homam: Rs.5,000
Sponsor a adhyaya purnahuti ( Any one of the 14 purnahutis): Rs.3,000
Sponsor the Kanya Pooja : Rs.2,000
Sponsor the Suhasini Pooja : Rs.2,000
Sponsor the Navavarna Puja: Rs. 1500
Sponsor the Chandi Navakshari Moola Mantra Homam: Rs. 2,000
Sponsor the Vaduka Bhairava Pooja : Rs.1,000

Devotees can send in their contributions as cheque/DD drawn in favor of “LokaKshema Yagna Trust”, payable at Chennai. Donations can be made by transferring funds to our below mentioned Axis bank account through net transfer from any Bank account in India. We also welcome contributions in kind such as groceries (Rice,flowers etc.) for the homam.

Account name: Loka Kshema Yagna Trust
Bank Name: Axis Bank  , Branch: Velachery, Chennai, India
Savings Bank Account number: 909010038457611
IFSC Code: UTIB0000234


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