Mantra Updesa,Diksha,Initiation

In this age of Kali Yuga, where the performance of large Pujas, Yagnas is becoming increasingly difficult, chanting of the names of the divine is the easiest route to Bhakti and salvation. The most outstanding contribution of our Guru parampara is in the propagation of Mantra yoga. H.H. Rangaswami Battachar and H.H Venkatesa Battachar had initiated hundreds of people in various powerful moola mantras like Maha Ganapathy, Chandi Navakshari, Narayana Ashtakshari, Shakti Panchakshari, Maha Lakshmi without any discrimination of caste,religion,country,gender, race etc. but only insisting on sincerity and devotion to God. Several young Children and Professionals were initiated into Vidhya Jaya Mantra on Lord Hayagreeva. Sri Lakshmiji is continuing the work of the gurus in the propagation of Mantra shastra.

A Mantra has to be obtained only from a Guru. A guru is verily the supreme Lord in human form. That is why the scriptures extol.Such a Guru can guide us in all our physical,professional, spiritual endeavours. One who thinks of the Guru at the time of distress indeed invokes all the deities he worships.

gurubra.rhmaa gururvishhNuH gururdevo maheshvaraH .
guruH saakshaatparabrahma tasmai shrii guravenamaH .

 Upadesa or Diksha is an initiation from the Guru on a specific mantra or a pooja. The mantra on which one has to be initiated has to be decided solely by the Guru using his divine intuitive powers. He may use one’s horoscope also. Once a person is initiated into a particular Mantra, the Mantra becomes a lifelong support. Such a Mantra Diksha could continue across Births till the ocean of birth and death(Samsara Sagara) is crossed. Regular and sincere japa of the mantra brings an inner transformation and blessings of the divine will become very evident to the devotee.Upadesa must be taken from a Guru who has attained Mantra Siddhi. Mantra Siddhi can be considered as complete control over the mantra or the fulfillment of the purpose of the Mantra.

Initiation in to a Mantra comes with a strict commitment to follow certain niyamas(rules).

1) One must think and pray to the Guru Parampara before he commences the Japa of the Mantra everyday.

2) He/She must also follow the minimum regulations associated with the Japa of any mantra such as cleanliness, devotion, faith etc.

3) The japa must be done on a daily basis (atleast a minimum of 108 counts)

4) People who are initiated into the Gayathri Mantra must perform the Japa before commencing any other Japa.