Sri Hayagriva Vidya Jayam Mantra – Mantra for excellence in knowledge

Vidhya Jayam is one of the most powerful mantras on Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva. This Mantra provides the following benefits to those who chant it:



  • It gives excellent memory power.
  • Removes the fear of examinations.
  • It makes one innovative and provides an analytical mind.
  • Excellence is achieved in all art forms and studies.
  • This mantra is not just for students. Anybody who pursues an activity which requires knowledge, Skill like Music, Sports, Dance, Cooking, Management tasks can chant this Mantra.
  • For working professionals and students, it helps to achieve career goals.
  • Any kind of ill effects of Saturn can be overcome by worshiping lord Vishnu. This mantra being on Vishnu helps the vidhyarthi(Student) to overcome all such malefic influences.
  • Spiritual strength, Concentration, intuitive experiences are gained.

This Hayagreeva Mantra was known by divine consent to H.H. Venkatesa Battachar Swamigal. It given to anyone who pursues any kind of studies or knowledge based activity. Sri Lakshmiji is ordained to impart the Mantra to the needy.Hundreds of people have been initiated into this Hayagriva Mantra by Guruji and Lakshmiji and have been immensely benefitted by it. Please fill in the form provided at the end of this article, in case you wish to get yourself/your children initiated into this mantra by Sri Lakshmi ji. We also conduct Hayagriva Vidhya Jaya Homam/Havan with this mantra.

We are receiving several requests for the Hayagriva Mantra to be emailed/posted. Vidya Jayam on Lord Hayagriva is a very powerful mantra and traditionally such mantras are given as a upadesha/diksha by a Guru. Just as an electric lamp will glow only due to the flow of electricity, chanting of a mantra which is read from a book or a website will work and yield the desired benefits only when done after a vidya jayammantra initiation from a Guru.So,if you are in Chennai or planning to visit Chennai, We strongly recommend that you take the mantra as a personal initiation or Diksha. Due to proximity reasons if you are unable to visit, we will perform a 48 day puja for you and then provide you the mantra. You will have to pay the puja expenses for the 48 day puja. Make sure you follow Instructions on Mantra Updesha.