We would like to share our personal experience in doing the Raja Mathangi Deepa Pooja.In the beginning of the year, when Sri Lakshmiji was here in Brisbane, we were blessed with the opportunity of doing the pooja with her repeatedly … Continue reading

Ashta Lakshmi Puja at Parrys, Chennai Often we hear from Shri Lakshmiji narrating how important for families to  perform  Lakshmi Pooja at their houses to  have the Blessings from Goddess Maha Lakshmi  and above all the Financial progress and overall … Continue reading

Amma’s Presence in my daily life – Experience of Mr.Bany I grew up in a very religious family, apart from twice daily prayer rituals there were always some kind of major religious activities every fortnight or month performed by my … Continue reading

Devotee Experiences on Ashta Lakshmi Puja Sri Lakshmiji has been narrating to the Devotees repeatedly that during the days of Guruji, on several occasions, Sri Lakshmiji has felt different types of divine fragrances in and around her presence, which Guruji … Continue reading

Devotee’s experience on Sri Raja Mathangi Sahita Ashta Lakshmi Deepa Puja Deepa Pooja, one of the ancient poojas was conducted in our house by Sri Lakshmiji, the disciple of pujya Shri Venkatesha Bhattachar Swamigal, also the founder Trustee of Lokakshema … Continue reading

Devotee Experiences – On Guruji and Sri Lakshmi Ji I have lived in Singapore for over 10 years now. It is almost 20 years since I met Lakshmiji. Counting my blessings I always count twice that I had the fortune … Continue reading

Sri Maha Nava Chandi Yagna, Brisbane, Australia SRI MAHA NAVA CHANDI YAGNAM is conducted with the chanting of the DURGA SAPTHASATHI (Devi Mahatmayam) also known as Chandi path. This mantra occurs in the MARKANDEYA PURANA, one of the 18 puranas … Continue reading