Visit of Veda Patashala Students

Around 72 students from the nearby Veda Patashala visited us at Thiruvallur on 24-Dec-2017. Annadanam was provided to the students and dresses where distributed for the new year. They were all initiated into Hayagriva Mantra by Sri “Meenakshi Kataksha” Lakshmi Ji.

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Report on 58th Nava Chandi Yagna

As part of our Guru Parampara tradition, Sri Maha Nava Chandi Yagnam was conducted at “Meenakshi Illam”, near Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneya Swami Temple at Tiruvallur, TamilNadu on 14-Dec-2017/
The happening of the day’s events was so nice with HER Grace.  Pujya Sri Lakshmiji felt the benign presence of Goddess Chandika Parameshwari and all present were blessed and parted after distribution of Maha Prasadham.
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Invitation for Lakshmi Sudarshana Moola Mantra Homam

As a part of the Guru parampara tradition Sri Lakshmi Sudarshana Moola Mantra Homam will be performed on 01-Nov-2017 at Thiruvallur,Chennai in the divine presence of Sri “Meenakshi Kataksha” Dr.P.Lakshmi Ji.

Schedule : 01-Nov-2017

8:00 AM: Sankalpam

8:30 AM: Avahana puja

9:00 Am: Maha Sudarshana Homam, Dhanvantri Homam, Sri sukhta Maha Lakshmi Homam, Ashta Lakshmi Homam

01:00 PM: Maha Poornahuti, Prasadam Distribution

Meenakshi Illam,
Near Viswaroopa Panchamukha Hanuman Temple

Contributions are welcome for the Homam.

For details, refer our website – or contact us at 9790887066
- Trustees

Report on 57th Maha Nava Chandi Homam,Thiruvallur

The Chandi Homam was conducted under the guidance of Sri “Meenakshi Kataksha” Dr.P. Lakshmi Ji at ‘Meenakshi Illam” in Tiruvallur.

As Sri Lakshmi Ji noted, that there was a clear presence and blessings of Goddess Sri Meenakshi right throughout the performance of the homam.The homam commenced with Maha Ganapati Pooja and aavahanam besides the Maha sankalpam . The homam, as usual was conducted strictly under the directions given by our revered Guru Parampara.  The sacred fire was generated almost spontaneously. All the devotees assembled performed a prarthana along with Lakshmi ji during Maha Poornahuti for global wellbeing.A special Annadanam was performed at the completion of the yagna.

Invitation for 57th Sharada Navaratri Maha Nava Chandi Yagna

Ya Devi Sarve bhutheshu Shraddha Roopena Samsthitha |
Namasthasyai Namasthasyai Namasthasyai Namo Namaha||
 – Devi Mahatmyam
 Meaning: Oh! Devi! One who is of the form of dedication in all living beings, salutations to you, salutations to you, and salutations to you!
As per the Guru Parampara tradition, 57th Sri Maha Nava Chandi Yagnam will be conducted for global well-being and for the welfare of devotees at “Meenakshi Illam”, near Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneya Swami Temple at Tiruvallur on 29-Sep-17(Friday) on the occasion of Sri Sharada Navaratri in the benign presence of Sri “Meenakshi Kataksha” Dr.P. Lakshmi Ji . Devotees are requested to participate in the yagnam  and get blessed By Goddess Chandika Parameshwari.
Contributions are welcome for the yagna.
 29-Sep-17(Friday) Schedule:
1:00 PM – Ganapathy Pooja, Maha Sankalpam, Sri Chandika Parameshwari Avahanam,Agni Mathanam
1:30 PM – Maha Ganapathi Moola Mantra Homam, Navagraha Homam
 2:00 PM – Mandapa Pooja, Chandi Navavarna Yantra Pooja and Homam
4:00 PM – Maha Chandi Yagnam with the chanting of Durga Sapthasathi mantra
7.00 PM – Chandi Navakshari Moola Mantra Homam, Kumari Pooja, Suvasini Pooja, Vaduka Bhairava Pooja,Maha Yogini Pooja
7:30 PM – Vasodhara Homam and Maha Poornahuti
8:30 PM – Prasadam Distribution and Visesha Annadanam
“Meenakshi Illam”
Near Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneya Swami Temple,
13/14, Om Shakti Nagar,
RajajiPuram Part III, Periakuppam,
Tiruvallur 602001,Tamil Nadu, India
For more details, please contact 9790887066
Lokakshemayagna Trust